Kingfisher Charters & Lodge (KCL) established in 1990 is a first-class fishing expedition with lodging accommodations in an earthly environment and with excellent home-cooking meals as well.  KCL, been hosting so many experienced fishermen from everywhere including Mexico and New Zealand, said they have never seen any deaf fishermen in the business.  It was their first experience.  It was fortunate that one young lady on the staff knows ASL a little which was helpful with general information and ordering food.

Mack Harris, Milton Peters and John Coggins-Peckham caught 130+ fish in just four days.

What fish they caught: King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish (Black and Yelloweye),
Lingcod and even one baby shark.

On Arrival at Sitka Airport

Meeting our guide

Driving to the hotel for one-night stay

Our hotel

Hotel lobby

Our room

Looking out from our room window

Walk tour begins.

Saint  Michael's Cathedral

Sitka Downtown

The Baranov Totem Pole
Behind is Sitka Pioneers Home (state home for elderly Alaskans)

The Prospector

Replica of the Russian Blockhouse

Princess Maksoutoff's Grave

Princess Maksoutoff was the wife of the last Russian governor, Dimitri Maksoutoff

Day 1

Got up early for a breakfast at the fishing lodging

The fishing adventure begins.

Our boat

Mt. Edgecumbe

Over one hour of riding

Mack caught his first silver salmon.

Then, John caught his first silver salmon.

Milton caught a king salmon and it continues.

One whale swimming by

Milton caught a lingcod fish.

Cutting and cleaning fish to be refrigerated

Pee time for Weimer dog

Over 40 fish caught on the first day of fishing

Our lodge

Day Two

Mack caught a halibut fish.

Kingfisher Lodge

Day Three

Mack caught a salmon shark.

John caught a yelloweye rockfish.

Eyes and tongue become swollen quickly after getting out of water.
Yelloweye rockfish, living in 200-300 feet below, can survive at dense pressure.

John got a halibut fish.

Halibut on front side

Halibut on back side

Day Four

The trios continue to catch many fish on that day.

Special and portable urinal for male fishers.  We dunno about the one for the ladies.

Sea lions

Milton got a certificate and baseball cap with embroidered title saying '100 lb Catch & Release'
halibut fish.  He also got a $200 voucher which is good for 2 years that he can use if he goes back.

On arrival at the D/FW Airport, John, Milton and Mack picked up and took home

6 large boxes weighing total of 300 lbs. of fish meat (fillet and steak without bones).

here for more travel pictures.