In Memory of Calvin Glass
by Mack Harris (

The following pictures are mostly from the 1962-1966 White Columns yearbooks,
some from my scrapbook's newspaper clippings and some from the VSD
1964-1967 joint class reunion website at
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Calvin is described in personality as a friendly, cool and never-getting-mad person.
If he gets mad, he would make some funny facial gestures with a big smile.




1964-1965 (JUNIOR YEAR)

1965-1966 (SENIOR YEAR)

in 1950
Mrs. Ruth Rosen's class in 1953-54
Miss Davis' Grade 3 class
And they won the Mason-Dixon Basketball Championship.
The five starters on the Mason-Dixon Championship team:
Calvin Glass, Ronnie Kiser, John Caudle, Wayne Heppert and Mack Harris
Explorers at the Naval Base in Norfolk for the Boy Scout's Olympics
"Mississippi or Bust" banner on the bus -- VSD basketball team going to the Mississippi School for the Deaf in Jackson for the annual
Mason-Dixon Basketball Tournament in 1964
         Game 1 --  VSD 67
                             South Carolina SD 45
           Game 2 -- VSD 62
                              Lousiana SD 47
Championship -- VSD 54
                              Tennessee SD 52
Calvin loves woodworking under Mr. Rosen
1966 Class Reunion in 1981
Calvin played in the school play, "The Mokey's Paw", as Mr. White.
So Long, Old Friend

The gypsy wind, it called your name,
No time to say good-bye.
You left us here alone, old friend,
To take your final ride.

The world it couldn't tame your soul,
You lived your life with pride.
Now you soar free - like the crow,
You're on your final ride.

Your memory won't fade, old friend,
We'll hold you deep inside.
We'd come with you if, we only could,
Upon your final ride.

It's time to say so long, old friend,
As you take your final ride.
We'll keep you with us in our hearts,
If not riding by our side.
On Saturday, March 20, 1965, right after the school play, Calvin borrowing his mother's black car took two friends in his car.  There is another car behind his car.  That was where I was and witnessed everything.  We were somewhat bad boys on that night drinking some beer.  Out of control, Calvin's car skidded on the curvy road at the dark night and landed on the left-side cliff.  We coming out from the other car rushed to help push it to the vertical position and open the left door.  Calvin did not wash his hair after the school play still had the stiff white hair sticking out so bright against the headlight from our car and came out of the side door.  He then signed "sh . ." twice or three times.  Luckily, no police was in sight.  Just some scratches on the left side and broken door handle on the right side.  I never know what happened when he returned home.
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Joint Reunion of Class 1964-67 on November 6, 2004
Joint Reunion of Class 1964-67 on November 6, 2004
Joint Reunion of Class 1964-67 on November 6, 2004