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Waiting at Cancun Airport for the Cuban airline to arrive.

Riding in the shuttle bus to the airline

Here is Cubana

Taking quick pictures before boarding

Havana Airport

Late dinner at the mansion-converted restaurant

Same menu decided by the Cuban government: pork or chicken dinner with rice,
black beans, french fries and salad for lunch and dinner daily for 2 weeks

First breakfast at the hotel

Our Hotel Plaza built in 1909

Replica of our U.S. Captiol -- being renovated as a museum

Public Transit in Cuba

Going to the fort thru this tunnel

Rum Havana Club Museum

Rooftop party given by local deaf artists

Vilas Johnson in green-striped polo shirt with a bunch of deaf Cubans

Paintings/Drawings done by deaf Cubans for auction

One of several short skits by deaf Cubans

Carmen's son (right) with his deaf girlfriend (left)

Late dinner at the square

Driving to National Deaf Center

At Plaza de la Revolución ("Revolution Square")
This place is also known for annual May Day Parade

At Plaza de la Revolución ("Revolution Square")

At Plaza de la Revolución ("Revolution Square")

Lunch there