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On the way to Santiago de Cuba, we stopped by to buy fruits on the road.

Lunch break at Bayamo before going to Santiago de Cuba

Statue of Bayamesa, Parque Cespedes, Bayamo,Granma province, Cuba. Perucho Figuerado,
was a
Bayamo born independence fighter remembered
for writing the Cuban National anthem La Bayamesa in 1868.

Statue of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes
Carlos Manuel de Céspedes del Castillo (April 18, 1819 BayamoOriente – February 1874
San Lorenzo, Oriente) was a Cuban planter who freed his slaves and made
the declaration of Cuban independence in 1868 which started the Ten Years' War.

Lunch there

La Virgen del Cobre Sanctuary near Santiago de Cuba

Arrived in Santiago de Cuba

Machetes at the Plaza De La Revolucion

Gallaudetians (former students or graduates)

Santa Ifigenia Cemetery

National Hero José Martí

 The mortal remains of National Hero José Martí

Diego Velazquez Museum

A cigar-smoking lady at Cespedes Park

Lunch near Morro Castle

Morro Castle

Santiago de Cuba's Authentic Night Club

Yet, street people listening and joining in dance