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Our resort -- Brisas Trinidad del Mar with all inclusive plan

All drinks you want -- unlimited!

Phi Kappa Zeta Sisters

Guys playing volleyball

Storytelling time

Walk Tour at the Old Town of Trinidad

Cobblestone street

Cobblestone street


"Painted" a picture of Che with pierced pencils (see below)

Faces of Cubans

Cocktail time

Canchánchara Recipe

1.5 oz of raw rum or aguardiente
0.5 oz of honey 
0.5 oz of lemon juice 
1 oz of water 
2 oz of cracked ice 

Pour the honey and the lemon juice into the glass and stir until the honey has dissolved.  Add the rum, the ice and the water and stir.

Sugar Cane Plantation with Lookout Tower near Trinidad

Color Codes for Cuba License Plates
Blue (second row): government vehicle including buses, trucks, taxis, etc
Red (fourth row):: rental vehicle
Black (fifth row): diplomatic vehicle
Yellow (sixth row):  private vehicle
Green (last row): military vehicle