Group Picture

Flying Hands of DFW


Registration Committee
Jody Rodenberg, Susan Judd and Doris Jameson

Julia Eckber, Linda Ainsworth and Elizabeth White leading the program

Prize Winners

Cindy Duve, Vivian Hesser, Margie Coggins-Peckham,
Margaret Fewell, Sandra Barnes-Smith and Janie Johns

Sara Harris

Sandra Barnes-Smith

Marian Seale

Janie Johns

Iris Goldstein

Susan Kallina

Virginia Barlow

Vivian Hesser

Neisha Young

Dianne Loeb-Randolph

Emily Kierklewski

Donna Hood-Clarkson

Laura Hill (right)

Bidding to host next event(s)

Meredith Knox
She designed both the program book and beautiful cake.

Event Committee
Left group (Lady Bugs of North Dallas): Doris Jameson (seated) and Linda Ainsworth (seated)
Standing: Elizabeth White, Jody Rodenberg, Phylis Stockton and Susan Judd
Right Group (Cowgirls of Fort Worth): Julia Eckber (seated) and Robbie Guerry (seated)
Standing: Wan-Exa Reynolds, Terri Willis and Joanne Watson

Good Bye till Next Year!

December 2014: Austin
December 2015: Dallas/Fort Worth

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