Map of Paris

Our first "lunch"

Delicious French onion cheese soup

360-degree view from Montparnasse Tower

Notre Dame Cathedral

Our hotel on the left

Since the official tour begins at 3:00 p.m.,  we decided to walk to visit two churches on our own.

Lynn White with the sitting lady

Eglise Saint Sulpice

Saint Germain des Paris

Somewhere inside the gate, there was a guillotine factory.  No longer there now

Right behind the was-guillotine factory, we had a lunch there.

Tom Gallagher ate it all!

Panilla, our tour guide, buying subway tickets

Walking past Eiffel Tower towards Seine River Cruise

Sue Brown interpreting

Cruising past Liberty Monument honoring Princess Di

Monitor showing live people walking below captured by the ceiling camera

Charlene Slay at the spiral stairways

Camera at the ceiling

Dinner & Entertainment Show for 124 years

This place can hold 800 seats

Tall, topless ladies dancing

Minimum height female dancers: 5’9" . . . Minimum height male dancers: 6’1"

A slim graceful figure for the girls and well-proportioned muscled body for the boys

A live aquarium rising from the stage showing a lady swimming with pythons

Roller Pilar

Moulin Rouge at night

Video about Moulin Rouge

Place de la Concorde where King Louis XVI was guillotined

To be exact . . . where the statue is

Statue of Liberty on the narrow island

Driving under Liberty Monument honoring Princess Di

This is the tunnel where Princess Di was killed.