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Santorini, Greece

Smooth and fast ride to Santorini

Santorini was a circular island before; volcanic eruption in 1647 B.C. broke it into several islands

Our hotel in Fira

Our hotel room with fancy bed

Large hotel balcony

Our hotel's swimming pool with unique view

Walking to village stores

Lunch at cantilevered restaurant

Our waiter at right

Going down in cable cars or . . .

on donkeys

Black Beach on the coast of Southeast Santorini

Yoga exercise led by Rachel Rose on Black Beach

Red Beach on the coast of South Santorini

SantoWines Winery

View from the Winery

Learning about the vinification process and aging of wines.

Wine tasting

Mount Prophet Elias


The mountain of Prophet Elias lies 4 Km south to Pyrgos village and this is the highest point of Santorini (586 meters).

The view of the mountain is just perfect and this is the point from where you can actually see the whole shape of Santorini. You can see the volcano, Thirasia , and of course you can enjoy the famous sunset! If you are lucky enough, you may also see the nearby islands, Ios, Folegandros and Sikinos.

South view from Mount Prophet Elias . . . Red Beach is over there

Southeast view from Mount Prophet Elias . . . Black Beach is over there

Lots of grape vines

Church with bell tower in Pyrgos

Oia Sunset (northest tip of Santorini)

Wealthy people own villas