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October 10-24, 2005



Columbus Monument -- The monument is placed at the site where

Christoffel Columbus arrived in 1493 after his discovery of America the year before.

Close-up of Columbus pointing at Americas

One of Antonio Gaudi's (1852-1926) architectures --

Antoni Gaudí has been classified with Gothicism (sometimes called warped Gothicism)

and Surrealism, but in reality there is no word except Gaudí-ism.

He combined all of the above and was also influenced by Oriental styles, nature,

sculpture, and a desire to go beyond anything that had ever been done before.

Most of Gaudí's buildings are in Barcelona and reflect his strong Catalan nationalism.

La Sagrada Familia, an awe inspiring church designed by Gaudi

It takes 185 years to build ( 20 years to go)

The story about Christ Jesus' birth on one side, death on the other side

This turn of the century bullring was once used for bullfights, but not anymore.

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