SARA and MACK in

October 10-24, 2005



Our ship was docked at Naples

Sculptor doing a cameo at Cameo Factory

In 79 AD, Mt. Vesuvius erupted an enormous volume of pumice and ash.

This material flowed very quickly down the side of the volcano as hot ash flows.

The ash flows covered the Roman city of Pompeii in a few hours.

Many people were trapped by the hot ash. Almost the entire population of the city was killed.

Used to be small stores with dwelling upstairs

Ancient "McDonald's" selling fast food to people who did the business in Pompeii

The road with raised-stone walkway.  Notice the wheel marks left by chariots

One of many road intersections

Street names at each intersection

Place where the Gladiators were trained

Ancient Market Place with erupted Mt. Vesuvius in the background

The "rug" made with tiny mosaics

Cast of a dead resident

Another cast of a dead resident

Formerly sea wall.  Lava pushed the sea as far as 8 miles away

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