SARA and MACK in

October 10-24, 2005



Meeting and making new friends in the hotel lobby

Getting ready to eat out and then take a walk tour at night

Our first Italian dinner with 5 course meal and wine

Piazza di Spagna -- The famous Spanish Steps

Sara right by the Spanish Steps

The rose was presented to Sara by a passing Italian guy

Group picture near the Spanish steps

Piazza di Trevi (Trevi Fountain and make a wish)

Busy intersection at Trevi Fountain Plaza

One of the remaining ancient buildings built in B.C.

The Parthenon

St Peter's Basilica at night on our way back to the hotel by foot

The Roman Colosseum built in A.D. 72

Around the Roman Colosseum

Inside the Roman Colosseum

Sara meeting the "Gladiator"

The Roman Forum next to the Roman Colosseum

The Roman Forum next to the Roman Colosseum

Piazza Venezia - Venice Palace of the first Italian King

 and then National Monument to Fallen Soldiers

St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican

Inside the Vatican Museum

2D & 3D ceiling paintings inside the Vatican Museum

Ceiling fresco paintings by Michelangelo inside Sistine Chapel

Fresco painting consists of grinded gemstones and oil  in different colors

More ceiling paintings inside Sistine Chapel

St. Peter's Square

The Pope's apartment (second window from right at top)

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