6-day tour was arranged by Deaf Globetrotters
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Ready, set and go!

New York City or bust

Nearly busted and had to wait for 4 hours to replace the bus driver
who violated some kind of the state laws at
Truck Weigh & Inspection Station in Perryville, Maryland.

Our hotel for several days at Hampton Inn in New York City

Daily offering in the lobby at Hampton Inn
New York City is known as the 'Big Apple' city.

Times Square

Inside the ABC TV Studio

Night life never dies!

NBC Studios

No photography beyond this area

Mack as a newscaster

Radio City Music Hall

Interpreter Lydia Callis
New York City Mayor Bloomberg's ASL interpreter during Sandy Hurricane
See the pix below

Weekly "America's Got Talent" Show is held there

Main lobby

Mack with one of the 120 active Rockettes

Rockfeller Center

Design based on 'Art Deco'

NBC News Studio

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Statue of Liberty

Group from Texas

Federal Hall National Park

Wall Street

Trinity Church

Federal Hall National Memorial

Theodore Roosevelt's Birthplace

Dinner at One Fine Greek Restaurant

Uslyess Grant's Tomb

Group picture

Deaf New York City Tour Guides

Grand Central Terminal

Walking to Empire State Building

Macy's -- the World's Largest Store with 2 blocks long and 8 floors

Empire State Building

911 Memorial

Freedom Tower

Manhattan Cruise with Lunch

Central Railroad of New Jersey

Ellis Island (closed for repairs due to the Sandy hurricane)

Statue of Liberty

Famous Brooklyn Bridge completed in 1883

Back to the port at Pier 61 . . . end of the cruise

Central Park

One of Donald Trump's buildings

Faces of New York City

Businessman eating corn cob . . . no matter where

Restaurant rating at every restaurant

New York City does have a snake!

WTC debris

Merrill Lynch's mascot -- tourist's favorite attraction

Would you like to live up there?

Are the riders running on the top of the bus?

Modeling in the public

Newly-wed couple

Feeding a homeless guy

Lost sandal?


At least some green plants are a must in NYC

Enter through a window on the second floor . . . how?

Subway entrance

Different kind of graffiti using mosiacs?

Cannot sit on

New York City lady or just a tourist?

Miscommunication . . . we did not ask for

Unique faucet in men's bathroom

In the subway, who cares!

Bike rentals

Food vendors for quick grabs everywhere

Topless Actor

Street Actor

That's All, Folks!
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