Ferry crossing Aransas Pass
Break-the-ice Dinner at Kody's (the CODA owner)
Doll houses (cottages)
The fishing begins
Kneeling: John Coggins-Peckham and Alan Stein
2nd Row: Dan Hensley, Nancy Morris, Doug Moore, Kimerly Moore, Sandra Schwall, Sharon Hovington,
Teresa Eckstein, Bill Eckstein, Vicky Anderson, David Anderson, Mary Ann Giuntoli, Judith Meador,
Richard Giuntoli, Lisa Bosson and Ed Bosson
Back Row: William Schwall, John Kelly and Mack Harris
Guess who?
Lisa Bosson (left) caught hammerhead shark
Total of 102 fish caught plus one mackerel?

We are talking about having the first annual red snapper fishing event next year
at the same place so look out for announcement.