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Slums at Shanytown and the government cannot do anything about them.

Sara and Mack like to stop by and eat at any Hard Rock Cafe in the world.
Also, they like to buy the Hard Rock stuff like caps, T-shirts, etc.

(Note: Iguassu Falls is on both Argentina with upper river
and on Brazil with lower river and speedy raftride)

Having a brief lunch and hiking trail through the jungle began.

Speedy raftride through one of the waterfalls

Waiting for a train

This train took us to a place for a long walk to Devil's Throat
where we stood on a bridge witnessing large waterfalls down.

Devil's Throat

We could see the fast food station on the Brazilian side that we went over next day.

In the evening, we had light refreshments and listened to Andy's presentation
about his family and tour experiences.

Andy loved to talk about one dumb lady with high heels riding in a boat and
walked along Amazon River.  He is writing a book about this.

3. ARGENTINA -- Page 5 of 5

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