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Arrived in Cusco, Peru

Met Vantage Program Manager Andres "Andy" Soto from
Argentina who went with us throughout the South America tour.

Shopping began.

Bus ride enroute to hotel

Andy joking with
ASL Interpreter Lisa Perry (left) and us

Our hotel is at the right side.

View of the opposite road

Across from our hotel, there is an ancient carved, wooden doors.

Typical Peruivan with llama

Entrance of our first hotel named Novatel

Briefing . . . we were told to rest a lot becuase of high altitude.  City
of Cusco is located at 10,657 feet high.  Many of us experienced
uncomfortable breathing or light dizzness for 5 days.

Sipping a cup of coca tea

View of inside the hotel

Our first meeting about the scheduled trips

Andy holding Pisco Sour . . . Pisco Sour or
other juices are being served.

Coca leaves make some of us high and feel good . . . illegal in USA
The leaves of the coca plant contain several alkaloids including cocaine.

Our first night out

Walk about the city's Main Square.  It is the place where
the local people hold spectacular celebration of "Sun Festivity".

Waiting to dine at that restaurant.

The first cathedral in Cusco was built in 1539.

The church of the Society of Jesús (background)

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