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(The Golden Enclosure or Temple of the Sun)

The most important temple of the ancient Inca culture

Example of Inca construction design that can resist tremors
or withstand Richter 7.0 earthquakes.

The most exquisite stone work . . . beautifully cut and carved
pieces of stones that have no mortar in between the stones,
not even a knife or a blade can penetrate.

Communication through several windows

Slant (trapezoid) stone walls and doors

Different key holes for stone junctions

View of the city of Cusco

Street vendors are busy.

Statue of Pachacutec -- Pachacutec was the great
Inca Ruler who was responsible for re-building


Two students presented a short skit.

A group of older students with one teacher in the middle

A group of younger students with 2 teachers

We donated some money to help that school.

Say with the hand -- 'Thanks and Good Bye' through this little window when we left.

I understand Vantage Deluxe World Travel through the Lewis Foundation that
sponsors our tour in South America may be involved in making a
difference in the lives of multi-handicapped children at that school.

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