Group of Travelers with Deaf Globetrotters Travel Agency


Leaving Miami

Downtown Miami

The road leading to Miami Beach (at the right)

One guy stopping, getting out of the car, standing and watching us

Yachts along houses of the rich people

Miami Beach

The main lobby

Looking up from the lobby floor

Liquor Bar

The Auditorium

Safety Meeting and Introduction of ASL Interpreters

The bar

Internet Hub

Elevator Floor

Sara & Mack's stateroom (#6410) and a long hallway

Cabin Balcony

Getting ready for the Redskins-Seahawks game on the big TV screen
All of the five guys are rooting for the Redskins but the Redskins lost the game.

Dining Room

Carnival Breeze at night



Village Tour

U.S. astronaut John Glenn's splash down off Grand Turk in 1962

Lighthouse built in 1852

Salt Pond

Lunch at the Beach

Video: Elmer Ewan as Shy Guy (left) and Jack Haas as Cute Guy

Jack Haas cheated

Riverboat Ride in Chavon River

Alto de Chavon -- A re-creation of a 16th century
Mediterranean Village overlooking the Chavon River

Patricia Duboski (left) and Camille Ellerhorst won the bottle-swapping contest.


Curacao Port

Colorful Homes

Liqueur Factory

Before bottling

After bottling

Leaving Curacao at 11:00 p.m.


Panorama of Oranjestad, Aruba at the port (scroll the image l-r)

Aloe Factory & Museum
Back in 1840, the aloe vera wonder plant was introduced in Aruba,
influencing everything from art and architecture to health and healing.
Soon, two-thirds of Aruba's surface was covered with aloe vera plants
and Aruba became the world's largest aloe exporter.

Small plantation of aloe vera

California Lighthouse

Alto Vista Chapel built in 1750

Casibari Rock Formations

Ostrich Farm

Mating Season for Two Ostriches

Donna Oglesby feeding the ostriches

Edward Reitz feeding the ostriches

Ostrich Eggs

Shopping at the Cruise Port

Ice Carving

Susan Kelley won the highest casino points: a bottle of wine

Video: Golf Card Game

Last Evening and Going Home

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