SARA and MACK in



January 14-31, 2008 (18 days)



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Insert picture: Dorothy Garner, Ivan and Joyce Hardenburg





Roger/Hanni Adams of Gaylord, Michigan

Radford/Josephine Arner of Big Sandy, Texas

Richard/Julie Crossen of Powell, Ohio

Dorothy Garner (travel agent) of Decatur, Alabama

Lewis Goodman of Oakland Park, Florida

Ivan/Joyce of Hardenburg of Mason, Michigan

Mack/Sara Harris of Arlington, Texas

Kenneth/Joan Klein of Paramus, New Jersey

Marjorie Klish of Denver, Colorado

Betty Lawson of Fishers, Indiana

Lucy Lewis of Bethesda, Maryland

Lee Ann Mitchel of Fort Collins, Colorado

Donna Qglesby of Atlanta, Georgia

Lawrence/Leila Petersen of Lake Forest Park, Washington

LeeAnn Reiman of San Diego, California

Larry Schoenberg of Kent, Washington

Richard Schoenberg of La Palma, California

Andrine Branam of La Palma, California

Farrah Nolan (sign language interpreter) of Fremont, California






  1.  click me for  BANGKOK -- PART 1

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  4.  click me for  BANGKOK -- PART 4

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  7.  click me for  BANGKOK -- PART 7

  8.  click me for  BANGKOK -- PART 8

  9.  click me for  CHIANG RAI -- PART 1

10.  click me for  CHIANG RAI -- PART 2

11.  click me for  CHIANG RAI -- PART 3

12.  click me for  CHIANG RAI -- PART 4

13.  click me for  CHIANG RAI -- PART 5

14.  click me for  CHIANG RAI -- PART 6

15.  click me for  CHIANG MAI -- PART 1

16.  click me for  CHIANG MAI -- PART 2

17.  click me for  CHIANG MAI -- PART 3

18.  click me for  CHIANG MAI -- PART 4

19.  click me for  CHIANG MAI -- PART 5

20.  click me for  CHIANG MAI -- PART 6

21.  click me for  CHIANG MAI -- PART 7

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