October 14, 2000

Dinner on the Capital Cruise

Captain Patrick and Melissa (James Kallina's children)

Class of 1965 banner

Class of 1965 official badge

Jack Clifton as the Master of Ceremonies

Delicious Fajitas with the rolling wheel in the background

Class of 1965 Sponsor Norma Hensley

Bringing old memories through videotapes

Class of 1965 cake

Sara cutting and Julie serving the cake.

Award -- Bonelle with the largest family size

Another Award -- Bonelle for having too many children

Award -- Leslie Hill with the most white hair

Award -- Mary Hill for bringing many relatives to the reunion.

Certificate for every member with promotion or demotion

because of surname change through marriage:

1st place -- Bonelle Liardon Amann (promoted from 14th)

2nd place -- Franna Corley Camenisch (promoted from 3rd)

3rd place -- Noreene Davis Cantu (promoted from 5th)

4th place -- Jack Clifton (demoted from 1st)

5th place -- Betty Clifton Dean (demoted from 2nd)

6th place -- Monty Duncan (no change)

7th place -- Murray Edwards (no change)

8th place -- Gary Green (no change)

9th place -- Stanley Green (no change)

10th place -- Jane Levingston Hargrave (promoted from 13th)

11th place -- Sara Stanley Harris (promoted from 18th)

12th place -- Leslie Hill (demoted from 10th)

13th place -- Jean Prestien Johnson (promoted from 17th)

14th place -- Murl May (promoted from 15th)

15th place -- Ken McLellan (promoted from 16th)

16th place -- Ann Daily Savage (demoted from 4th)

17th place -- Julie Hiriart Spaulding (demoted from 12th)

18th place -- Raymond Storey (promoted from 19th)

19th place -- Mary Hill Telford (demoted from 11th)

Cara (Ken McLellan's daughter from California) joined

in the celebration.  She finally had a chance to meet

her daddy's  friends and to taste the Texas hospitality.

The Kallinas (wife Jeanne, son Patrick, daughter Melissa) joined

in the celebration in memory of James Kallina

The Reunion Committee:  Jack Clifton, Sara Harris and Julie Spaulding

They say "Adios" and see you all in 2005.