Ireland (Part 1)

Note: Sara and Mack have been in Ireland before but only in the southern part in 2002.
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Deaf Village in Dublin, Ireland

Museum (brick building) at left and community services (white building) at right

Deaf Village Director


Different organizations housed at that white building

Swimming pool

Snack bar

Sara (middle) with deaf employees




Museum at the adjacent brick building

Museum staff

Talking about its history

Another museum staff . . . a true Irish

Deaf-friendly (can see thru) elevator

Deaf Irish People

Eating at one Pub while others went on with their different tours.

Guinness Brewery

Free Guiness pint (beer) for everyone at Gravity Bar (top floor)

View of the brewery from 360-degree glass window at Gravity Bar

Dinner at Guinness Brewery

Irish National Stud Horse Museum in Kildare, Ireland

Home for retired racehorses and a place where breeding takes place

Could not find lucky 4-leaf clovers

Invincible Spirit -- Winner of 7 races

Horse stallions

Inside the horse stallion

Big Bad Bob's stallion

Found a special baseball cap at the gift shop for our friend.

Bob Barlow (center) known as 'Big Bad Bob' got the surprise gift
at his home from Mack Harris (left) and John Coggins-Peckham (right)

Jaunting Car Ride to Ross Castle in Killarney, Ireland

All streets are always clean

Ross Castle