Scotland (Part 2)

DeafAction in Edinburgh, Scotland
Community Center for the Deaf

Deaf Action is a deaf-led charity that has been working for an equal and better future for
Deaf, deafened, deafblind and hard of hearing people since 1835.  The vision remains
at the heart of everything we do today and is central to all the services we provide.

He built a small scale of Forth Railway Bridge and it is hung on the wall (see pix below).

Club President (left) and Vice President (right)

Game room

131 members

Being renovated from the old church

At 11:30 p.m.

We walked back to the hotel.

  The Queen's Gallery, Holyrood Palace and Abbey
The Queen's Gallery was built adjacent to the palace and opened to the public in 2002
to exhibit works of art from the Royal Collection.
Queen Elizabeth spends one week in residence at Holyrood Palace at the beginning
of each summer, where she carries out a range of official engagements and ceremonies.
The principal residence of the Kings and Queens of Scots since the 16th century
No photography inside

Entrance gate

Deer as the protector

Mary, Queen of Scots, was imprisoned there.

Holyrood Abbey (Church)

Edinburgh Castle

Entrance gate

Group picture

The Scott Monument with 287 steps to the top
The Washington Monument has 897 steps.

Edinburgh Castle in far background

View from the top

View from the top

Narrow stairways

Sara and her friends had another plan -- eating delicious desserts

The Royal Yacht "Britannia"
Britannia was decommissioned on December 11, 1997.

  Honeymoon suite for the Royal couples . . . see
the picture frame of Prince Charles and Princess Di

Shuttle boat on the Britannia

The crew's bar

The crew's dining room

The State Dining Room

The Queen's bedroom

Informal family room


Laundry room

Engine room

Famous Blacksmith's Shop in Gretna Green, Scotland
A few miles from the English border . . . Famous for marriages with around 5,000 couples tying
the knot there every year since 1754 . . .Young English runaway couples eloped so that they
could be married 'over the anvil' from the age of 16 (not allowed in England).


"Girl Awakening"

Lola Laurent showing off her new Scottish hat called "Tartan"

First "motel" in Scotland for marriage ceremony